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You have a goal, but do you have a plan?

Everyone has personal goals that they would like to reach, but may not have a plan - goals like owning a business, paying for a child's education, paying down debt, or owning a second home. Our professional financial planning can help you make dreams come true. 

Our firm can help you determine the steps you need to follow and assist in planning an appropriate budget, while keeping you safe from potential pitfalls. We take pride in the successes of our clients, and  helping you bring your ideas to life.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning  in Medina, Ohio It is important to have an idea of your retirement income and expenses well before your retirement date. We suggest starting a minimum of 2 years prior to your target retirement date, though up to 5 years advance planning is recommended.

During these appointments, we can begin working to position your assets to serve you best during your retirement. The planning is then updated yearly to reflect new developments in your life.

As you come closer to your retirement (within 6 to 12 months), we will prepare a retirement analysis for you. This comprehensive report will illustrate your current income and how closely your retirement income can match it. This report will include income from a variety of sources, and also cover tax implications and inflation concerns.
Financial Planning
Financial planning  in Medina, OhioMeeting with us to start planning to fulfill your dreams can be a fun and exciting process. The appointment starts with an outline of your goals and what benefits and difficulties you have identified.
We then provide feedback as to the costs and feasibility of your plan, as well as other dangers and benefits we see from our perspective. Next, we discuss the steps that can be taken to execute the plan, including referrals to other professionals if necessary (legal, insurance, etc.).

After your appointment, we do additional research and send a follow-up letter that recaps our discussion and provides a step-by-step plan, including any new information that we have uncovered.
Financial Planning  in Medina, Ohio - Thomas & Associates

Financial Planning

  • Retirement planning
  • Planning college for kids
  • Planning to buy a house
Taxl Planning  in Medina, Ohio - Thomas & Associates

Tax Planning

  • Individual income planning
  • Planning for a small business
  • Estate and legacy planning
Business Planning  in Medina, Ohio - Thomas & Associates

Business Planning

  • Entity choices
  • Goal setting
  • Accounting and records systems