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A Different Wealth Management Philosophy

S.C. Thomas & Associates, CPA is an independent investment advisory firm specializing in the particular needs of individuals who are approaching or are in retirement. We are currently managing approximately $78 million in assets for around 130 clients.

Our investment philosophy centers on generating a stable income source from your principal investment, thereby reducing the dangers of market uncertainty and volatility.

Independent Research
We use decades of accounting knowledge to analyze the fundamentals of potential investments. Our research doesn't focus on charting, computer algorithms or any other buzz words and trends that run rampant in the industry today .

Rather than following mainstream trends and pedestrian publications, our research time is spent staying abreast of current affairs, analyzing financial data and examining SEC filings. Investments are picked for each client based on their individual goals.
Independent Advice
S.C. Thomas & Associates, CPA is not affiliated with and does not receive any payment (cash or otherwise) from any brokerage house, investment company, securities company or ancillary investment.

We believe whole-heartedly that the best thing for our clients should be chosen from our independent research, not from a sales pitch or commission given to us.

We're paid only by the people we work for.


We make our clients aware of all that we do in their accounts.

Assets are held in the custody of unaffiliated, nationally recognized brokerage houses.

Clients receive trade confirmations, monthly statements, and other information regarding their investments directly from these brokerage houses.


We believe the best way for us to represent our client is to represent only our client.

We perform independent research in the selection of our securities. We receive no compensation from the brokerage houses we utilize or from any of the securities we select for our clients' accounts.

Our remuneration comes only from our clients, not from brokerage houses.


Investments are picked for each individual client based on goals.

We strive to bring our clients individual solutions to meet their personal, varied needs.

We're dedicated to each client as an individual, not as a dollar value.